New store opens in Frome

After quite a bit of prep work, we are almost ready to open our new store in frome.

Resident, a new boutique woman’s store, will open Friday 30th September, 5-8pm to see our new store, new collections and enjoy a 15% discount all evening too. Refreshments will be provided.

To attend the opening, drop an email to

84 year old main dies in suicide attempt

An 84-year-old man from Frome took his own life just a week after attempting to commit suicide, a court has learned.

James Wykes, who lived at Clearview, Whatley, had been a long time sufferer of depression and had attempted to take his own life back in 1993.

His neighbour, Mary Scott, had known Mr Wykes for many years and visited him often, understanding that he was plagued by low moods.

On May 16th this year, Mary visited James and discovered a note at his door stating that he had committed suicide.

He was rushed to hospital, treated and placed under the watch of the local mental health care team.

Sadly, a few days after returning home, James finally took his life and was pronounced dead a day later.

A post-mortem carried out on Mr Wykes’s body found no drugs or alcohol in his system and concluded that he had died of suffocation.

The sitting judge said “James took his own life in a way that deliberately avoided causing problems and shock for his neighbour who may have found him.”

He recorded the cause of death as suffocation, adding that Mr Wykes intentionally took his own life.